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17:e juni - Webinar - Major differences in facelift procedures in males and females: showcased on male patient (Live Demonstration)

Major differences in facelift procedures in males and females: showcased on male patient (Live Demonstration)

Women are typically cosmetic surgery’s most prominent patrons; however, men are quickly catching up. Studies show that men seeking cosmetic procedures have drastically risen in the last few years, with facial rejuvenation procedures leading the pack. Several researches have provided information about the drastic changes in numbers of males getting the procedure. Facial rejuvenation will refresh a man’s appearance and help boost his confidence by targeting problem areas in the face, just like procedures for women. However, there are a few core differences in facelift surgery for men than for women that must be kept in mind, such as the differences in facial anatomy and how those may affect the procedure. Dr. Murat Tsintsadze with Aptos Threads can help men looking to rejuvenate their appearance by providing tailored procedures designed to keep the masculine look intact.

A male facelift surgery will target many of the problem areas a typical facelift treats—such as loose skin, deep lines, or facial scars. But men’s faces are shaped differently from women’s, and patients and doctors must keep these anatomical differences in mind when first evaluating any candidate for surgery. For example, a man’s facial skin tends to bleed more than a woman’s during surgery, which means there’s a higher risk of developing hematomas (temporary pools of blood) after surgery. Hairlines and beard hair should also be considered.

One big concern for men tends to be fatty areas beneath the chin, also known as “jowls,” and a male facelift surgery can help correct the issue. However, men’s muscles in this area tend to be thicker and stronger than women’s. Dr. Murat will explain how these procedures work to rejuvenate the appearance and what doctors should expect from facelift surgery in male.

Utbildare: Murat Tsintsadze
Deltagarkrav: Leg. Läkare
Datum: 17:e juni
Tid: 11:00 CET
Längd: ca. 2 timmar

Anmälan: aptos.global/course/987/major-differences-in-facelif

24:e juni - Webinar - Face oval and Submental area correction with Aptos methods

Face oval and Submental area correction with Aptos methods

The Webinar will deliver essential information about face and neck lifting using the renowned Aptos threads. It will show the new methods applied to achieve the best results.

Aptos 2G threads are an ideal option to define the lower face and neck. The webinar will include a detailed description of the right pre procedure planning, and how to choose the best technique in each case to get the best results while dealing with facial asymmetries.

Utbildare: Dr. Georges Ziade
Deltagarkrav: Leg. Läkare
Datum: 24:e juni
Tid: 15:00 CET
Längd: ca. 2 timmar

Anmälan: aptos.global/course/988/face-oval-and-submental-area-correction-with-aptos-methods